Main Street Marianna


The Historic First National Bank Multi-Use Cultural Facility was opened in October, 2016.  This project was made possible by funding provided by the Department of State, The Division of Cultural Facilities and the Division of Historical Resources, The City of Marianna, The Community Redevelopment Area, the Board of County Commissioners, the Jackson County Tourist Development, the Marianna Arts Festival and private donors.  The facility is available to rent for meetings, social gatherings and fund raisers.  The facility will host approximately 100-125 people.  The facility has handicapped accessible men’s and women’s restrooms, a kitchenette with a sink, refrigerator and a microwave.  The facility also has eight - 60” round tables with approximately 75 chairs.  

The facility rental fees are as follows:  
  • For a full day rental the fee is $349.38 PLUS a refundable $100.00 deposit for a total of $449.38. 
  • For a half day rental the fee is $215.00 PLUS a refundable $100.00 deposit for a total of $315.00.

To rent the facility, please contact Charlotte Brunner at City Hall at 850-718-1022


I started thinking of ways to busy the sidewalks and parks in the downtown area and realized a way to spark some interest would be through music, a piano!  I have visited New York, Boston and other cities and have seen the pianos randomly placed in parks and on sidewalks. A public piano invites others to play along and gives way to song and laughter, accidental bonding and new friends. This project is important for the City because it helps build community. The piano creates a space for spontaneous interaction between people. The idea of taking an instrument that's most commonly associated with living rooms and big concert halls and putting it outside sort of captivates the imagination.


The point is simple: Bring communities together through random acts of public music. The piano is the musical instrument that any person of any age and any ability can walk up to and put their fingers on and make a beautiful sound.
It’s quite amazing how they transform the area and indeed, introduce strangers to each other and spread the joy of real and spontaneous music.  The pianos were donated by Wal*Mart Manager, Mickey Gilmore.  Mickey donated his mother’s piano and Partners For Pets donated the other one.  The Artist Guild of Northwest Florida has done a beautiful job painting the piano.  One is almost complete and will be placed at Madison Street Park on the stage in the next few weeks.  

Charlotte Brunner
Main Street Director