Municipal Development

The Municipal Development Department takes pride in its service to the community. We ensure the highest quality of life for present and future generations by providing excellent planning and enforcement services emphasizing the development of a safe and healthy community where people choose to live, work and play.
  1. Code Enforcement

    Learn about code enforcement within the city.

  2. Development

    Find out details about the development in the community including maps, applications, permits, and the Chipola River Greenway.

  3. Florida Administration Code

    Read the Florida administration code.

  4. Florida Planning & Zoning Association

    Read about the Florida Planning and Zoning Association.

  5. Municipal Code

    Browse through the municipal code of the city.

  6. Planning & Zoning Board

    Meet the Marianna Planning and Zoning Board.

  7. Maps

  8. American Planning Association

  9. Public Hearing Information and Applications

  10. Inventory Properties

    Properties owned by the City.