1. Agendas & Minutes

    Browse through available agendas and minutes.

  2. Budgets

    Review through the budgets from the city.

  3. Code of Ordinances

    View the codes that are active in the city.

  4. Employee of the Month

    Obtain a listing of the employees that have been awarded Employee of the Month.

  5. Employee Service Recognitions

    Access a list of recognitions given to employees for their service.

  6. Florida Administration Code

    Read the Florida Administration Code.

  7. Future Land Use Maps

    Get a listing of the future land use maps available to the public.

  8. Major Development Order Process

    Learn the process for any major development within the city.

  9. Minor Development Order Process

    Gather details about the process for any minor development changes in the city.

  10. National Threat Level

    Find out what the national threat level is.

  11. Sexual Offenders

    Peruse a list of the sexual offenders in Florida.