Marianna Fire & Rescue

Marianna Fire & Rescue (MFR) is committed to the safety of all businesses and residences. Under local and state laws, businesses must comply with a variety of applicable fire codes. These codes exist to protect you, your customers as well as your business and property. Marianna Fire & Rescue’s Fire Marshal enforces these codes through on-site inspections conducted only by MFR personnel.

During an inspection, the inspector will evaluate whether conditions at a business site are safe or if there are issues that are liable to cause a fire or endanger lives and property as a result of fire. If these conditions do exist, the inspector will advise the business immediately and consult with the owner/manager or designee about correcting these problems in a reasonable timeframe so the business will be safer and in compliance with fire codes.  Inspections are scheduled once per year for each business located within the city of Marianna.

Who needs a fire inspection?
All brick-and-mortar businesses within the city of Marianna, commercial properties, and apartment buildings where 4 or more units are located in a single building must be inspected annually.  Each type of occupancy will have different life safety requirements.  For requirements specific to your location, contact the Marianna Fire & Rescue Fire Marshal and see Common Items Inspected below.

Roof Placard

Our Role in Fire Safety

  • Marianna Fire & Rescue does not endorse or recommend any fire safety company or product.
  • Marianna Fire & Rescue does not sell fire safety equipment.
  • During an inspection, we will evaluate some equipment that you may have purchased from a fire safety company, such as a fire extinguisher or exit sign, because the location and working condition of this equipment is directly related to fire code compliance.
  • Fire safety companies cannot legally enforce fire codes or perform fire safety inspections authorized under state and local laws.
  • The inspector cannot test or certify the functionality of fire extinguishers or other fire suppression systems. That process is conducted by whichever fire safety company the business chooses.

Common Items Inspected

  • Address Numbers:  Address numbers must be located so that they can be seen from the street and must be a minimum of 6” high on a contrasting background.
  • Fire Extinguisher:  Must be within the inspection date stamped on service tag.  Fire extinguishers must be serviced annually.
  • Exit Signs:  Are they present?  If required to be illuminated, are illumination bulbs working?
  • Emergency Lighting:  Are emergency lights in working order and providing sufficient illumination?
  • Storage: 
    • Storage must be a minimum of 24” from the ceiling in buildings without a fire sprinkler system.  For buildings with a fire sprinkler system, storage must be a minimum of 18” from the bottom level of sprinkler heads
    • Rooms housing electrical panels, water heaters, or HVAC systems cannot be used for storage
    • Fire Sprinkler Systems:  Is the system within the date stamped on the last service inspection tag.  
    • Suppression Systems:  Suppression systems (such as those found in kitchens or special purpose) must be within the service date.
  • Is appropriate roof/floor truss placard mounted and displayed on the exterior at the main entrance?  For information on truss placards and their requirements click Truss Placard Information

For all questions regarding fire inspections or to schedule a fire inspection, contact Marianna Fire & Rescue Fire Marshal by calling (850) 482-2414.