The purpose of the Marianna Fire & Rescue Training Division is to provide the highest quality service possible to the citizens of Marianna.  Our career firefighters follow a strict department training program that maintains compliance with the Insurance Services Organization.  These hard-working individuals log at least 16 hours each per month of company drills, accompanied by additional classes and participation in planned exercises and specialized training.  The purpose of the department training program is to ensure that the personnel that show up to your door in an emergency are the most highly-trained professionals we can provide.  All of our firefighters participate in many different types of training, from fires and medical calls to vehicle accidents and hazardous materials.  Marianna Fire & Rescue also participates in inter-agency training with Jackson County Fire/Rescue and other surrounding fire departments.  In total, career firefighters at Marianna Fire & Rescue log nearly 5,000 cumulative hours of training annually.  

For information on department training, contact Fire Marshal / Training Officer  at (850) 482-2414.